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  • Soziale Sicherung in einem armen Land
    Erfahrungen mit Kindergeld und anderen Sozialeistungen in Nepal
    by Garbiele Köhler, July 2014 – see
  • Is There an »Asian Welfare State Model«? East and South Asian Trajectories and Approaches to the Welfare State
    East and South Asian Trajectories and Approaches to the Welfare State
    by Gabriele Köhler, March 2014 download or see
  • Nepal: The emergence of a resilient democracy
    Three months after elections, a new cabinet was sworn in end of February in Kathmandu. The two largest parties have formed a coalition, with the new Prime Minister Sushil Koirala from the Congress Party, and 18 ministers from the Congress and UML parties. The mainstream Maoists – different from the breakaway fundamentalist faction – voted in support but did not join an initially foreseen unity government. Where does the country stand at this moment? see or download
  • Erstes Kindergeld in Nepal
    UNICEF ist seit 45 Jahren in Nepal aktiv, in typischen Tätigkeitsbereichen wie Gesundheits- und Schulsystem, Trinkwasser- und Sanitärversorgung, Kinderschutz. Aber was kann UNICEF dazu beitragen, Grundbedingungen und Strukturen zu verändern? Davon erzählt dieses Beispiel. By Gabriele Köhler, 2013
  • Post-2015: We do not want to be mainstreamed into a polluted stream…
    Some 120 civil society organisations (CSOs) from 80 countries met in Bonn 20-22 March, on the topic of “Advancing the post 2015 sustainable development agenda”. The conference was one step in the two-track beyond-2015 process, following on the one hand the Rio plus 20 Summit with its intergovernmental process advocating for a set of sustainable development goals, and on the other hand the UN Secretary-General’s work on the MDGs and formulating a new UN development agenda. By Gabriele Köhler, March 2013 – download at in english or auf deutsch.
  • Beyond 2015 or back to the 1980s?
    We are mid-way in the post-MDG process, notionally towards a new development agenda. Consultations, building on last year ìs Rio plus 20 Summit, are advocating for a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs). In parallel, there is a UN process more explicitly modeled on the existing MDGs, their successes, failures and omissions.-There is also the UN Secretary-General’s Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Agenda – which just completed their consultations in Bali (25-27 March). This group’s editor is now to draft the UN Secretary-General’s report to the UN General Assembly – which is to lay out a vision for development. By Gabriele Köhler, March 2013 –
  • India needs justice for all
    by Annie Namala, Karuna Nundy and Gabriele Koehler, January 2013 – see IDS Vulnerability and Poverty blog
  • China: An economic miracle built on sadness, revised
    by Gabriele Köhler, January 2013 – gabriele_koehler or see
  • China: an economic miracle built on sadness
    by Gabriele Köhler, December 2012 – see IDS Vulnerability and Poverty blog.
  • Trade and Development – A forgotten issue?
    by Gabriele Köhler, December 2012 – or trade_development
    for german issue see
  • Year of double opportunity – or double risk? Some prospects for 2013
    In 2013, the UN will convene a General-Assembly level meeting on a new, sustainable development agenda, with a view to deepening or substituting for the MDGs which were meant to be accomplished by 2015. And, by coincidence, in 2013, trade and investment issues, and part of the MDG agenda’s goal 8, could re-enter the arena of development debates, albeit for a procedural reason: the lead posts at UNCTAD, the WTO and the ITC are all falling vacant next year. Double opportunity or double risk, asks Gabriele Köhler – see more at
  • Myanmar – Reflections on a “Rich Country with Poor People”,
    by Gabriele Köhler, January 2012 –
  • Burmese crossroads. Review of Thant Myint-U’s ‘Where China meets India: Burma and the new crossroads of Asia’
    By Gabriele Köhler, December 2011 –
  • The global social crisis. The other side of the global financial crisis. By Gabriele Köhler –
  • Burmese crossroad? By Gabriele Köhler, May 2011 –
  • Progressive Universalism and Social Protection for All. Review of the ILO World Social Security Report 2010/11. in: Weltwirtschaft und Entwicklung. December 2010 –