think pieces

Think pieces are works in progress that are offered here for critical discussion and improvement, or information notes that point to emerging trends. They are available for quotation; please send copies to

June 2015
Towards a progressive and more coherent social policy framework:

Delineating social development and social policy.docx
Social development presentation.pptx

September 2014
Myanmar: costing social protection revised.
The just-released census of Myanmar and a reevaluation of meaningful poverty lines by the Asian Development Bank will make it necessary to revise some of the assumptions made on social protection interventions in Myanmar. But the need for a systemic approach, based on the ILO’s recommendation on a social protection floor, and using a simple and intuitive life cycle approach, is at the core of what would make sense for Myanmar at this point in time. See a revised version of our Myanmar social protection think piece here.

10 June 2014
Myanmar: costing social protection.
This informal note offers some reflections and ideas on upgrading the organisation and financing of social protection in Myanmar. It would like to support creative enquiry into policy and programme options which might be able to respond to current policy challenges in Myanmar.


June 2014
Human security and human development in Latvia – a review in 2014
The UN Office in Latvia closed in 2004-5, when Latvia joined the EU. Several of the initiatives started during UNDP and UN tenure in Latvia have continued, showing that countries which “graduate” out of programme country status, do continue and deepen conceptual and policy approaches that had initially evolved in the UN context […]