teaching presentations

  • Presentation at UN Women Germany International Symposium on the SDGs and Gender Equality Bonn, 26 September 2019 SDG5 study for UN women conf 17 Sept
  • An Asian Welfare State Model? – East and South Asian trajectories and approaches. Conference on Re-Thinking Asia II
    “Building New Welfare States: What Asia and Europe can learn from each other”, Protestant Academy Tutzing
    28-29 October 2013. By Gabriele Köhler, development economist, Munich Presentation tutzing short version
  • Equity & development – Politics of development cooperation. PhD-Program International Health at Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU), Centre of International Health (CIH)
    October 2013. By Gabriele Köhler, development economist, Munich Politics of development cooperation Gabriele Koehler for CIH 2013
  • What, why, for whom, how – Social protection objectives and policy design
    ‘Social Protection Framework for GMS Cooperation’ – ADB GMS PPP Learning Program 2013
    Asia Development Institute (ADI) Graduate School of Public Administration, Seoul National University
    Seoul, 7-12 July 2013. By Gabriele Köhler, development economist, Munich presentationspsnujuly2013rev4
  • Policy tools of social protection: How policy can be conceptualised and designed, Gabriele Köhler presentationforsptrainingasiandevelopmentinstituteandgraduateschoolsnu
    How does social protection look when one zeroes in on policy tools of social protection and a systems approach. This was a talk given at the Social Protection Training, organised for Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam at Seoul National University, by the Asia Development Institute (ADI) and the Graduate Schoolof Public Administration, and co-funded by KOICA and UNICEF. Seoul, 25-27 February 2013
  • Recent trends in the rights-based development agenda: child rights, Gabriele Köhler child rights and development presentation for Bayreuth Jan 2013
    from the lecture series: „Human Rights and the UN – Between Ambition and Reality “ at the university Bayreuth,
    10. Jan 2013, see university calendar
  • Social protection innovations, Gabriele Köhler social protection innovations Turin Sept 2012 abridged
    Good practices and new initiatives on social security policy, Turin Sept 2012
  • Presentation for the Symposium on Inequalities in Health, Gabriele Köhler munich health equity conference march 2012
    Ludwig Maximilians Universität Munich, Centre for International Health  (CIH), 17 March 2012
  • Migration issues and social protection policy, Gabriele Köhler Presentation on migration issues gabriele koehler version 25 february 2012
    Lecture at the MA Course on Poverty and Development, IDS Sussex spring 2012.
  • From multilateral development cooperation to global human development, Gabriele Köhler Download
    Workshop at the International Centre for Decent Work and Development, Kassel University 2012
  • Equity- Equality- Inclusion: Normative principles in development, Gabriele Köhler Download
  • Evolution of the „development architecture“, Gabriele Köhler Download
  • Die neue entwicklungspolitische Landschaft und die Millenniumsentwicklungsziele nach 2015:
    kritische Überlegungen, Gabriele Köhler Download
  • Multilateral Development Cooperation – Principles Genesis Emerging Trends, Gabriele Köhler Download
    Workshop at the International Centre for Decent Work and Development, Kassel University 2011