How do we get there?

We have the core human rights treaties and we have the Agenda for Sustainable Development with its SDGs. However, in the past few years, more and more countries are falling into violent conflict, overthrowing legitimate  governments. Human rights defenders and climate activists are persecuted. Even in stable democracies, climate commitments and SDG promises are not met. Given this global retrogression, how do we assert our political rights and move towards social and economic justice, equality and genuinely inclusive agency. How do we achieve the 1.5degree climate goal? 

Increasingly, it is the very young who are creating momentum. See the mobilisation of the Fridays for Future groups – and the court cases they have won! See the civil disobedience movements in many countries.  

In a conversation among the different generations, we want to explore how to shape progressive agendas. See our programme and register. EVENT IS ON MONDAY 28 JUNE.

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